Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Just one more thing.....

Apparently, no mater how many meetings you have with everyone, you end up needing to ask just one more thing...

For example:

How tall are the bathroom vanities?
FYI, they are 34" in the master bathroom and 31" in the other bathrooms.

Do the kitchen cabinets come with knobs and or pulls and do we get a choice?
Yes they do and no you don't.  They include knobs that match whatever you picked out for the fixtures (bright chrome, rubbed brass or polished nickle).

What does our flooring look like again?
This one is on me, I did not take a good picture of it when we picked it.  And looking it up on the internet was a bad idea.  Armstrong's website only showed one little sample of it that was a very boring brown when we though we picked a more distressed and varied color.  A short email to our flooring person at Rite Rug got us better pictures and relieved our self induced anxiety.  

And since it will be a few more months until they even break ground, I am sure we will think of many more questions.  One good thing is that friends built a Pisa Torre just down the road from where we live now (in a now sold out Ryan plan) so we will paying them lots of visits to get tips and hints and measure things like windows (will try to buy things like blinds and curtains ahead of time).

Now we just have to get our house ready to sell.... 

The last meeting until they are ready to dig...or one more opportunity to change your mind...again

Well it seems I have been remiss...again... in posting right after our meetings.

We had our last meeting before the pre-construction meeting, I think she called it our 30 day meeting (30 days after we signed the contract I guess).  After the previous meeting with Brittany, our Sales Rep, she sent us home with the electrical diagrams so we could review our light and switch placement.  Basically its the floor plan for the house broken out into different sections.  Each section then has lots of squiggly lines and symbols that are supposed to represent recessed lights, outlets and switches.  I consider myself fairly mechanically inclined (thanks to years of following my father around while he fixed things at every house in the neighborhood) so, once I figured out the different symbols, I was OK, but a key to the symbols in nice bold print would be nice Ryan Homes.

I learned something in this meeting about my lovely wife of 24 years.  She HATES lamps and switched outlets.  Huh, who would have figured.  So given my wife's vehement dislike of all things lamp like, we opted for a boatload of recessed lights.  It's fine with me, one less thing to dust, but changing bulbs will be a bear.  Unless Ryan puts LED's in the recessed lights.  I will pause here for all of you who have a Ryan Home to finish laughing.

Anyway, LED bulbs aside, given the number of recessed lights in the kitchen, hall and great room, the switch panel is going to end up looking something like this.

But you know what they say, "Happy wife, Happy life"

We will have 2 switched outlets however and Susan was just fine with that because they will control an outlets that will be hidden by the crown molding where we can install rope lighting.  Should be cool. 

The 30 day meeting is also one more opportunity to make changes to things like an extra light or outlet outside, a door into the garage or a slop sink in the garage.  It is also a chance to tell them not to install a garage door opener (I don't like the type and brand they use so I will bring my own guy in to install that) and to swap out a tub for a shower (with no door so we can give the dogs a bath) in the basement bathroom.