Monday, May 16, 2016

Stress is not building a home, it's selling s home.

I am beginning to feel that the worst part of this entire process is selling your current home.  You sink cash into some modest updates, fresh paint...clean for hours on end...vacate for hours on end with dogs in tow.  Only to be told the dining room is too small or the bedrooms are not big enough or they really want hardwood (like you could not see from the pictures that we have tile and carpet.

Then you have to thank the spoiled  little millennial brats for looking and you hope they liked it, while all the while you are cursing them under your breath for wasting three hours of your weekend.

It is stressful as hell.  No wonder some people never move.

Rant over for now.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Last chance to look inside the walls...the pre-drywall walk through.

Wow, this is moving fast.  Our PM called to tell us it as time for that last peek inside the walls.  During the walk through we went over all the light fixture placement, what each receptacle and switch was for, covered all the questions or issues we had spotted previously.  He also covered all the changes we had from the standard plan and answered all the questions or concerns I had,   He also let me know when the drywall would be installed so I could get in there and insulate the outside walls in the garage,

The garage is now insulated all around, except for the el cheapo uninsulated thin panel steel door, which I will at least insulated before winter.

Since they will be dry walling this week, I stopped for one last inspection around the house.  I made sure to check all the windows to make sure they spray foamed around them.   Things look good.  Now we just need to sell the house we are in now and pack the rest of our stuff.